Education for Sustainable Development

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Education for Sustainable Development
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CO2 Global CO2 Concentration Today!

ESD Training provides comprehensive and accessible learning tools, workshops and consultancy on sustainable development to business, government and education bodies in an efficient and cost effective manner.


GreenteamGreen Team Training: It's not enough just to give employees information about sustainability. To truly engage them, you also need them to connect with each other and to understand what they can do it. Through its Green Team Corporate Green Team 1/2 Day Workshop ESD Training will help your organisation increase its performance by engaging employees in sustainability?

climate_for_changeClimate for Change links two national public awareness campaigns Change and Power of One. In partnership with the EPA, the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government, and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, ESD Training provides education and awareness talks on climate change and energy, free of charge to Local Authorities.


GH03SwitchOff utilises social and behavioral learning tools to raise awareness of energy use in the workplace. ESD Training provides customers with the opportunity to enhance their energy saving potential by building staff awareness so they can personally experience the satisfaction of contributing to a progressive energy conservation initiative within the workplace.



Re:Cycle is a 6 bicycle human power station that provides immediate energy feedback to the user. By setting achievable and interesting energy targets in a creative and fun way, the audience can directly interact with the electricity they produce.


earthtalksThere's an important sustainability story that needs to be told. How can we communicate stories like climate change, biodiversity loss, energy and resource use, human development, sustainable communities and the green economy in a way people can relate to? Earthtalks provides an exciting forum for clients to achieve this.



The Energy Smart Community offers six simple steps to help you, your neighbors and your local community to join together to improve the energy performance of your homes while availing of energy-saving grants from the government.





Humanities demands exceed our planets capacity to sustain us. That is, we ask for more than we have. – WWF Living Planet Report