He provided all classes with a great understanding of electricity, the amount we use and how we take it so much for granted.
Gavin was able to deliver workshops to connect with every class in an age appropriate fashion. 
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The children learned about chemical and mechanical energy while powering the smoothie maker. Then got to taste the smoothies that they made!!!
Overall the day was very educational and I would recommend the workshop to any school. Harry Rock Dromard NS
This workshop was most enjoyable for the children, as even those as young as junior infants were able to learn from the day.
The workshop was very educational, great fun and hands-on. Castletown NS would highly recommend this workshop."
The children learned about the unit of energy called a Watt and how it was named after the scientist who discovered it. The children in my class were all intrigued by this and many of them now hope to be scientists themselves.