Would you like to bring Pedal Energy to your school?

Would you be interested in running a Pedal Energy Day of Action in your school?

If you would, let us know.

ESD Training would like to acknowledge the kind support of the Skellig Foundation in delivering this program to primary schools.

This year Pedal Energy Days of Action ran in 16 schools nationally to great success. Here is a taster of what students and teachers had to say.

"A thoroughly enjoyable educational experience. I highly recommend it to all involved in raising awareness about energy and climate change."

“We thought the presentation was brilliant. It was so novel. Our Day of Action created quite the “buzz” of interest around the whole school."

“We had just finished the chapter on energy in Science class. It was the best practical ever!”

“Our Pedal Energy Day of Action was a great way of highlight all the work our Green Schools team have done towards gaining our Energy Flag.”

“I was very impressed with the presentation. It was suitable for a lot of different subjects ranging from History to Geography to Science.”

“This is a wonderful, interactive workshop which engages all students whether they have an interest in environmental issues or not.”

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