Let's Talk Climate: making sense of climate change

Let’s Talk Climate is an education and awareness workshop for Tidy Towns networks nationally. In recent years the competition has had an growing focus on environmental issues that is spawning innovation. This workshop will assist in that growth.

Today Tidy Towns communities are invited to enter the Community Climate Action Award to raise awareness of climate change and to encourage participation in projects to drive climate action. 

Let’s Talk Climate helps communities to raise awareness of climate change and promote behaviour change by encouraging climate action and to undertake projects that will set local communities on a path towards a low carbon, climate resilient future.

A half day workshop

ESD Training runs a half day workshop to build the capacity of towns in villages  to understand the need for climate action at a local level.

The workshop has 3 parts:

1.An introduction to climate change -  the science, impacts and solutions

2.A facilitated workshop to identify possible climate actions at a local level

3.A role play workshop to prioritise potential actions for implementation at local level.