Media coverage of Climate Change

The UN Climate Change Conference June 2011 started in Bonn yesterday and runs for the next two weeks. Frank McDonald in the Irish Times previewed this important event informing us that new figures by the International Energy Agency put global greenhouse gas emissions at an all-time high of 30.6 gigatons in 2010.

Once more words like " global wake-up call" "bold and decisive action" "extremely challenging" accompany the reports. But does anyone really care?

The Irish Times along with 50 other influential newspapers around the world is monitored for its coverage of climate change and global warming stories by the Centre for Science and Technology at the University of Colorado.

As of April this year media coverage of climate change stories in Europe have fallen back to levels of coverage last measured in 2004. The data would appear to speak for itself. Climate change is of little interest. 

Yet science continues to tell us that if we are to avoid "dangerous" global warming we must do more and quickly. I trust the Irish Times will play its part and make every effort over the next two weeks to raise the number of climate change stories published.